Sessions for residents

Many sessions especially dedicated to residents will be proposed during the SCR’19!

Residents lounge

An area dedicated to networking and exchange amongst residents will be set in the exhibition hall. Various activities will be organised throughout the congress!

Workshops “Test yourself: Am I ready for the board exam?”

Following the great success of the first edition, this workshop will be repeated during the SCR’19! This workshops are dedicated to residents who prepare for the second part of their board examination. It aims to train them to withstand an examination situation by simulating the oral board examination (how can I improve myself in presenting a case, react to questions etc.). An experienced examiner will test one resident while the other group members observe.
The focus will be on practising the board examination in real-conditions rather than on the case itself.
There will be 4 examiners and 4 groups of 4 residents. Each participant will be tested once. Each group will meet all the examiners.

Organisers: A. Kobe, Zurich/CH; G. Andreisek, Münsterlingen/CH
Price: CHF 40,00
Registration: Registration will open on February, 2019 and will be possible via our online booking system. It is necessary to register for the congress to attend the workshop.
– Workshop in German: Thursday, June 13, 2019 – 10:00-11:15
– Workshop in French: Thursday, June 13, 2019 – 15:30-16:45

Please note that places are limited to 16 places per workshop!

Case based learning session for residents “How to survive the nightshifts?”

5 residents will present and discuss cases encountered in an emergency setting. Meet other residents and hear their experiences!

Organisers: A. Kobe, Zurich/CH; G. Andreisek, Münsterlingen/CH
Time: Friday, June 14, 2019 – 15:00-16:15
Registration: All participants registered for the congress can attend this session (no extra registration necessary)

IR Junior game organised by SSVIR

Time: Friday, June 14, 2019 – 16:45-18:00

SSVIR organises during the SCR’19 the 4rd Junior IR Games!