Poster presentations

Abstract structure for scientific and educational poster presentation

Abstract for scientific posters need to comply with the following structure:

–    Purpose
State the purpose of the study. The purpose should be clear and concise. The purpose might not exceed the length of one sentence.

–    Materials and Methods
Please give information regarding institutional review board approval and informed consent. For studies involving animals, indicate appropriate committee approval. The study should be identified clearly as prospective or retrospective (or retrospective interpretation of prospectively acquired data). Date range of study should be given which means date of inclusion of the first patient to the date of the inclusion of the last patient (month/year). Number of patients/animals (including mean age, standard deviation and age range, as well as gender, if appropriate) should be given. Various groups, including controls should be described. Procedures performed should be described. This includes in diagnostic imaging studies brief information about hard- and software (e.g. 1.5T MR scanner with 8-channel coils…) as well as main imaging protocols/sequences. Specifics of evaluation should parallel the results portion of the abstract. Include one sentence on statistical analysis.

–    Results
Provide the findings of the study including indicators of statistical significance. Crosscheck that for each evaluation and statistical analysis described in the “Materials and Methods” section of the abstract, the corresponding results are provided. The order of the results should parallel the order in the “Materials and Methods” section. Include actual numbers, as well as percentages. Provide p-values, if appropriate, to indicate statistical significance.

–    Conclusion
Summarize in one or two sentences the conclusion(s) made on the basis of the findings. Note: The purpose and the conclusion should act as a clamp to the study which means that the conclusion should be like an answer to the purpose statement.

Case reports are not accepted.

Abstracts for educational posters need to comply with the following structure:

–    Learning Objectives
–    Background
–    Imaging findings or procedure details
–    Conclusion

Case reports are not accepted.


All posters must be submitted, printed and presented in English.

However, posters submitted for SVMTRA-ASTRM can also be printed and presented in English, German or French.

Review Process

All abstracts will be reviewed by a board of experts. Based on several criteria, an overall quality score is assigned to each abstract.

Individual rating criteria for scientific posters are:
–    Originality of the project
–    Quality of the results
–    Interest of the conclusion

Individual rating criteria for educational posters are:
–    Clarity of learning objectives/ background
–    Quality of description
–    Importance for patient care

Poster Format

The poster format is A0.
Please note that the posters for SGR-SSR and for SGNM-SSMN need to be written in English.
For SVMTRA-ASTRM, the posters can be written in French, English or German.

SGR-SSR Poster Walking Tour and Poster Awards

There are two SGR-SSR prizes for scientific posters (summa cum laude; magna cum laude) and one SGR-SSR prize for the best educational poster. The evaluation of the posters by the poster jury will take place during the poster exhibition. The prizes will be awarded based on the decision of the poster jury.
There will be a “Poster Walking Tour” on Thursday June 18, 2020, during lunch time from 13:00 to 13:45. At this time, at least one of the authors must be present for discussion. The presence of one of the authors is a precondition for the eligibility of the poster for the poster award. If none of the authors is present, the poster will not be considered for the award.

SGNM-SSMN Poster Walking Tour

Thursday June 18, 2020 from 12:00 to 13:00 (time to be confirmed). At this time, at least one of the authors must be present for discussion.

SVMTRA-ASTRM Poster Walking Tour

Thursday June 13, 2019 from 17:00 to 18:00 (time to be confirmed). At this time, at least one of the authors must be present for discussion.

Placement and Displacement of Posters

Placement: Thursday, June 18, 2020, before 11:00
Displacement: Saturday, June 20, 2020 between 11:00 and 13:00
The remaining posters will be discharged.