About SCR

What does SCR stand for?

The Swiss Congress of Radiology – short SCR – is the biggest radiological scientific and educational meeting of Switzerland with an average attendance of over 1,200 professional and industry delegates. It is held every year in a different city in Switzerland.

Who organizes the SCR?

The annual Swiss Congress of Radiology is organised by the Scientific Committee of the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR), in joint collaboration with the Swiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (SGNM-SSMN) and the Swiss Association of Radiographers (SVMTRA-ASTRM). Moreover, the following associated sub-societies of the SGR-SSR take part at the congress organisation: the Swiss Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (SSVIR), the Swiss Society of Emergency Radiology (SSER), the Swiss Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (SSSR) and the Swiss Society of Paediatric Imaging (SGPR-SSRP). In addition, the Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics (SSRMP), the Swiss Society of Radiopharmacy/Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (SGRRC-SSRCR) as well as the Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (SGUM-SSUM) contribute to the scientific programme.

How does the congress programme look like?

The programme of the SCR consists of refresher courses, plenary sessions with lectures by national and international speakers as well as scientific sessions with oral abstracts. Moreover, the latest updates in radiology are presented in the poster exhibition. The SCR offers a different programme for radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and radiographers. On top of that, many different companies present their latest medical and technical products in the exhibition area. So the SCR is not only a place to listen and learn but also a platform for personal exchange between friends, colleagues and companies.

To which audience does the SCR address?

The SCR is interesting for radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and radiographers working in public and private hospitals as well as in private practices. The Congress also turns to residents, medical students as well as students for radiography/nuclear medicine. As the official congress language is English, the congress is not only interesting for national participants but also for an international audience.

Who are the people behind SCR?

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee President

Prof. G. Andreisek, Müsterlingen

Regular Members Ex-Officio Members
Prof. C. Zech, Basel Prof. H. Alkadhi, Zurich (SGR-SSR Congress President)
Prof. K.O. Loevblad, Geneva Dr. J. Geiger, Zurich (SGPR-SSRP)
Dr. C. Reiner, Zurich Prof. S.D. Qanadli, Lausanne (SSVIR)
Dr. S. Schmidt, Lausanne Dr. F. Becce, Lausanne (SSSR)
Prof. H. von Tengg-Kobligk, Bern Dr. A. Platon, Geneva (SSER)
Prof. H. Thoeny, Fribourg I. Gremion, Epalinges (SVMTRA-ASTRM)
Dr. A. Kobe, Zurich (SGR-SSR Resident representative)
Dr. C. Antonescu, Fribourg (SGNM-SSMN)
Dr. M. Wissmeyer, Zurich (SGNM-SSMN)
Prof. Dr. A. Rominger, Bern (SGNM-SSMN)

SGR-SSR Standing Abstract Reviewer Committee

Dr. M. Anooshiravani-Dumont, Geneva
Dr. F. Becce, Lausanne
Dr. M. Behe, Villigen
Dr. J. Brendle, Scherzingen
Prof. A. Christe, Bern
Dr. G. De Geer, Geneva
Dr. S. Dellas, Basel
PD Dr. T. Dietrich, St. Gallen
Dr. O. Donati, Zurich
Dr. C. Dromain, Lausanne
Dr. V. Dunet, Lausanne
Dr. M. Fani, Basel
Dr. J. Geiger, Zurich
Dr. A. Hirschmann, Basel
PD Dr. N. Kawel-Böhm, Chur
PD Dr. K. Kinkel, Chêne-Bougeries
Prof. R. Kubik, Baden
PD Dr. F.P. Kuhn, Zurich
Dr. C. Kurtz, Luzern
Dr. P. Manser, Bern
Dr. M. Marcon, Zurich
PD Dr. M. Maurer, Bern
Dr. R. Menz, Basel
Prof. J.Y. Meuwly, Lausanne
Dr. E. Monnard, Fribourg
Dr. L. Mu, Zurich
PD Dr. D. Nanz, Zurich
PD Dr. T. Niemann, Baden
Dr. P. Omoumi, Lausanne
Prof. T. Pfammatter, Zurich
Prof. S.D. Qanadli, Lausanne
PD Dr. C. Reiner, Zurich
Prof. S. Schindera, Riehen
PD Dr. S. Schmidt, Lausanne
Dr. G. Sommer, Basel
Dr. M. Straub, Lausanne
PD Dr. R. Sutter, Zurich
Prof. H. Thöny, Fribourg
Prof. F. Verdun, Lausanne
Dr. S. Wälti, St. Gallen
Dr. L. Wissmann, Münsterlingen
Prof. R. Wyttenbach, Bellinzona
Prof. C. Zech, Basel

SGR-SSR Poster Jury

PD Dr. Dr. A. Boss, Zurich
Prof. A. Christe, Bern
PD Dr. T. Dietrich, St. Gallen
PD Dr. O. Donati, Zurich
Dr. J. Fischer, Samedan
Dr. A. Hötker, Zurich
Dr. B. K. Kovács, Basel
Prof. J.-Y. Meuwly, Lausanne
Dr. E. Monnard, Fribourg
PD Dr. A. Platon, Geneva
Prof. P.-A. Poletti, Geneva
Dr. E. Tenisch, Lausanne
Prof. R. Wyttenbach, Bellinzona


SVMTRA-ASTRM Standing Abstract Reviewer Committee

Mr. E. Fleury, Geneva
Mr. S. Scherz, Bern
Mrs. C. Bruguier, Lausanne
Mrs. I. Gremion, Lausanne


SGNM-SSMN Standing Abstract Reviewer Committee

Prof. Dr. F. Forrer, St. Gallen
Prof. L. Giovanella, Bellinzona
Prof. P. Kaufmann, Zurich
Dr. P. Koch, Zurich
Dr. S. Kneifel, Chur
Prof. T. Krause, Bern
Prof. E. Nitzsche, Aarau
Prof. J. Prior, Lausanne
Prof. N. Schaefer, Lausanne
Prof. R. Schibli, Zurich
Prof. K. Strobel, Lucerne
Prof. D. Wild, Basel
Prof. M. A. Walter, Geneva
Dr. M. Wissmeyer, La Chaux-de-Fonds


Congress Services

Mr. W. Duchek

Ms. M. Avril

Mr. C. Brun


c/o Education Congress Research GmbH
Am Gestade 1
1010 Vienna/Austria
Email: info@radiologiekongress.ch
Tel: +43 1 53505 99